How Starlabs Can Help You to Repair Your Phone at Your Home

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Broken phone? We sympathize—after all, who hasn’t been down that bumpy road before? If a shattered phone screen or dead iPhone battery has you singing the blues, hang in there—a ray of sunshine just might be peeking from between the clouds. 

Why Opt for Phone Repair at Home

Starlabs Comes to You

Book a Phone Repair Service With Starlabs

Phone repair at home is easier and more accessible than you might think (although, judging by the surprisingly diverse list of stuff we’re able to fix for you, it looks like breaking your phone at home is also easier than you might think).

Sure, lots can go wrong at home: screen trouble, from a cracked screen to a screen that just won’t turn on, batteries that won’t hold a charge or that deplete way too quickly, broken home buttons, ports, headphone jacks, and more. Set your phone on the table and it runs a 1-in-5 risk of being the unfortunate victim of a spilled drink. 

Fortunately, as they say, the world doesn’t come up with a problem for which there’s no solution, and most of this stuff can be fixed by a trained professional. 

Why Opt for Phone Repair at Home

There’s no way you’d purposely leave the house without your phone. For better or for worse, the device has integrated itself into our daily use so much that we rely on it for much more than just talking or texting. 

In fact, the magazine Psychology Today even mentions a name for the fear of being without your phone, nomophobia, and finds that over half of all people surveyed in the United Kingdom suffer from it. 

This actually makes sense given the extensive way we use our phones today. Another study found that more than half of all Americans rely on their smartphones for navigation—the results of which were even more remarkable given that the proportions hold up almost uniformly across all surveyed age groups, from 18 to 64 years. 

So, how do you get your phone fixed if you need it in order to get around? Simple. Have the repair person come to you. 

iPhone XR Motherboard Repair

Starlabs Comes to You

When it comes to getting your phone fixed, navigation is just one challenge. For iPhone owners, a trip to the Apple Store comes with the challenge of setting an appointment and having additional wait time. It’s also possible to take your chances with a small kiosk owner at a local mall—though the outcome there is not guaranteed. 

If you opt for Starlabs to do your phone repair at home, you get around all of these hurdles. 

A few of the advantages of using Starlabs to fix your phone at home are:

  • You set one of many available time slots that you prefer and we arrive quickly, even on the same day
  • Our highly-vetted technicians can diagnose and fix a range of problems, whether your phone won’t turn on, you have a broken screen, your phone won’t charge, or you are having problems with a home button, headphone jack, port, or more
  • Our service comes with a 90-day guarantee on parts and labor, so you know it’s done right
  • We can meet you anywhere: home, office, or even gym, so you can get your phone fixed while you go about your routine
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Book a Phone Repair Service With Starlabs

With our upfront pricing plan, you can see our fair and competitive prices for yourself – there are no hidden fees and all repairs include our free lifetime guarantee on parts and service (and a one-year guarantee on batteries).

Just go online, book a time slot that suits your needs, and one of our top-notch techs will come to your desired location—be it the gym, office, or your home—as soon as same-day. 

Of course, unlike conventional phone repair options, our on-site repairs aren’t limited to screen repair.

We handle the gamut of smart phone issues such as battery replacement and headphone jack repair. For quick, professional service with a quality guarantee, book an appointment with us today and you’ll be back with a fully functional phone in no time.

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