Droid Vs iPhone A head to head comparison

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We are going to examine & comparison of Droid Vs iPhone, compare and contrast the two best phones in the world, Droid vs iPhone. We are going to analyze each phone in different categories compiling one of the greatest Droid vs iPhone resources assembled. The very first Droid vs iPhone battle is based on the ease of use and how user-friendly each phone is. Without any argument from both sides, it is the iPhone that wins in this class. The iPhone is super user-friendly and tailored to inexperienced users. With little to no knowledge of the iPhone, you can simply turn it on and go.

The Droid is a very simple phone as well however it is made for more an advanced users who appreciate more customizations. This is why Droid users will freely admit that the iPhone is super user friendly. The iPhone may take the prize for ease of use but the Droid takes the lead in our next category for accessibility. The Droid runs an open source software originally created by Android Open Source Projects that allows many different types of phones to run the same applications and encourages development.

The open-source Droid software allows for many customizations and opens up a whole world of variety. The iPhone operating system is not open sourced and currently syncs with Apple products only. Since the iPhone is locked to its own software, third-party application and internal software apps are more regulated. In our next Droid vs iPhone, we analyze the battery life of both phones. This is a difficult measure because many factors are imposed when judging one phones battery life over another. The battery can be depleted from many factors such as active Bluetooth connection, active WiFi connection, open applications, brightness level, vibration, and active internet connections ( EDGE, 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, Wimax, LTE,). After taking all these into consideration the iPhone has outlasted the Droid by far however during our test in Airplane mode (All connections off) we found that most Droids will last 24-36 hours longer.

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When it comes to the Droid versus iPhone and multitasking we have declared it a deadlock. As far as the operating systems go they can handle the same amount of tasks. The wild card in both Droid and iPhone multitasking is in the application’s required resources, so this test was performed with only stock applications. The winner for the keyboarding category is was a simple choice for our Droid vs iPhone test. We decided that the software keyboard on the iPhone was phenomenal and virtually bug-free. The iPhone holds a great patent for the keyboard that outweighs the Droids. The Droid and iPhone both carry software-based keypad capabilities so that leaves lots of room for upgrades and updates in the future.

Both the iPhone and Droid have a system search that allows for complete system wide browsing although a minor function we still thought including in our Droid vs iPhone comparison. Up until recently the Droid was the only phone that had voice to text capabilities but with the recent Siri addition for iPhone we had to compare the two. The iPhone Siri is a complete learning speech to text application, it actually can take what you say and auto correct it. Siri is personality based where as Droid is a cloud based learning system.

In our test, both speech to text programs exceed our expectations and we have settled on a dead tie. The notification system that comes standard on the iPhone and Droid both do their duty however the Droid wins an award for this as it can use Google sync and connect to the Google cloud system. The iPhone could do this with some of the new applications but we are comparing both units’ stock. We have been receiving lots of feedback on tethering ( the ability to connect a third-party device to your phone and connect to the internet via your phones mobile connection) and truly this is not even a Droid vs iPhone contest as the Droid has these capabilities and the iPhone does not (With the exception of third party apps).

Another major comparison for our Droid vs iPhone compilation is updatability, iPhone walks away the victor because of the massive support system Apple has. When bugs or glitches hit the iPhone the Apple team has instantly fixed glitches and compensated customers with little hassle or inconvenience. Since Droid runs an open-source program that is used on many different platforms glitches are bound to happen and unfortunately when they do Google has to decide if it is an internal OS glitch and does it affect enough users to fix the gap.

When it comes to customization the open-source Droid platform helps it win another category, most Apple users will agree that the Droid takes the cake. The Apple iPhone is limited in its customizations with that being the complete opposite for the Droid. You can completely change the Droid’s theme and with different backgrounds, colors, buttons, and page displays that can match the user’s personality. The Droid also wins for the free turn-by-turn navigation built-in. The iPhone has this capability but it is not free as of yet nor comes stock. As much as we compare Droid vs iPhone the iPhone stomps the Droid when it comes to music and gaming.

The super-smooth operating with the performance-boosting hardware of the iPhone allows for super high-end gaming with sophisticated graphics. The iPhone also can connect to iTunes for easy access to movies and music. The only downside to that is price control on music and videos will only work on Apple devices. The Droid vs iPhone comparison has taken 17 factors into consideration to help and assist our readers.

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Droid vs iPhone Epic Conclusion

Droid Vs iPhone

The Droid vs iPhone comparison above briefly touches base on each category we used to evaluate our Droid vs iPhone battle. Even though we put the Droid up for direct comparison with the iPhone we needed to eliminate all biased options. During our Droid vs iPhone battle, we used 6 Droid users and 6 iPhone users whom each had a 3-year phone commitment. All the Droid vs iPhone users committed to this reference were not compensated in any form and are completely unsolicited.

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