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It’s a premium device, with a premium price tag – Apple was the first in a recent torrent of mobile phone producers to have the moxie to push the sticker price into four-figure territory. And the cost of iPhone X screen repair is pretty much commensurate, as well.

If you’re not ready to stick an unreliable screen onto the iPhone you love so much, but still don’t want to break the bank on an expensive Apple replacement, you can look to Puls for all your iPhone X screen repair needs. All our parts and services are backed by our lifetime quality guarantee, and our certified technicians come highly-vetted.

All the Thrill About Apple iPhone 12 Series


Night Mode is now on the ultra-wide and selfie electronic cameras. I’m shocked at how great some Night Mode photos came out, even the selfie pictures I took! The telephoto video camera on the 12 Pro is a big step up in zoom compared to the iPhone 12. But there are a variety of phones […]

Did Apple Rush 5G Connectivity On The iPhone 12 Series?


It definitely didn’t make me wish to rush out to purchase a 5G phone. Henry Parra, CR’s head of phone testing, had much better luck in midtown Manhattan, which has more zones covered by Verizon’s faster Ultra-Wideband network. Utilizing the very same speed tests, he went to 3 various spots within the line of sight […]

Why The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Have a Huge Difference in 5G Speeds?


There is the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max. If you want to go small and profit at a lower rate there’s the Mini. If you desire the most significant iPhone with the newest iPhone cameras, get the Pro Max. However, that leaves the 12 and 12 Pro which is similar […]

All About Apple’s iPhone That Dominated The Market All Year Long.


7 inches and 2,778 by 1,284 pixels for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The displays are all greater resolution, and denser, than their iPhone 11 predecessors; the 12 and 12 Pro are about the same resolution as the 11 Pro was. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini-screens are slightly brighter than the iPhone 11’s LCD […]

Testing The iPhone 12 Charging Speeds With 15W-22W Chargers


iPhone 12 Charging Speeds with older USB-A Lightning cable only supports charging up to 12 watts, and the older iPhone power adapters are a mere 5 watts. The new phones do deliver with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, which works with USB-C adapters at up to 20 watts. If you have a recent iPad or MacBook, you’ll […]

Review And Comparison Of The iPhone 12 Night Mode


Yes, we have actually reviewed the iPhone 12 Night Mode and a lot of phone cameras. However, many other reviewers we respect have a better grasp of things like “naturalism,”; taking photos that look sharp, clear, saturated, and not grainy because we are probably more like a regular phone user than the Instagram obsessive or […]

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