10 Common Laptop Issues Every User Experience

10 common laptop issues every user
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Let’s look at the most common laptop problems.

1. Sound does not work

This might be related to mic or speaker. Once the mute button and the volume level are examined, check if the problem is solved. The problem of the laptop’s sound, input or output, requires the attention of a laptop repair professional.

2. Screen Freeze

Sometimes this difficulty can be resolved by restarting the system. That said, frequent freezing of your laptop might impede your work. Screen freezes occur due to many underlying problems.

This could be due to a programme that causes freezing or hardware, such as a bad hard drive or a malfunctioning memory.

3. Unable to open an application or it shows an error dialogue.

There are various internet remedies, such as reinstalling or force closing the application, however it could have numerous reasons, such as viruses or corrupt windows files on your machine.

Even after attempting basic methods to repair the mistake, consult a repair professional if the problem persists.



4. The laptop does not switch on

If your laptop shows no signs of life, it is a matter of concern. It may be because the charger doesn’t provide enough voltage to recharge the battery or because the DC input Jack was destroyed on your motherboard, this type of issues should be left to professionals, as the motherboard needs to be repaired.

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5. Restart Loop

When your system restarts in the middle of work, it can be irritating. Having many hardware faults or faulty windows system files might cause frequent restarting, and the attention of a repair professional is required for this type of defect.

6. Unusual sounds on laptop

Have you observed persistent, strange sound from your laptop? All looks good and works well, but the rattling noise indicates that a laptop problem has to be rectified.

This is generally a symptom of damage to one of your hinges and the plastic mounting screws have broken down. These loose bits will eventually become jammed in the fan and shut down your laptop.

It’s always advisable to have it checked by a professional repair agency when you notice weird noises that should not be there.

7. Problem of heating

Regardless of how cool the external temperature is, your laptop can heat up for interior problems. The most common fault is the build up of dust and dirt on the fans, which causes the laptop to run hot, the silicone paste used for heat transfer from the CPU may also be a problem. The GPU also tends to dry after a couple of years, which contributes to the problem of overheating. Most laptops have 105 degree safety temperature before the laptop automatically shuts down.


Constant exposure to heat might damage your laptop components permanently and hence requires early fixation.

8. Liquid Spills

It is not unusual to pour water, coffee and juice on your laptop. Usually, we put our laptops on dining or coffee tables or have a cup of warm coffee as we work.

Accidents occur, but what can you do? A liquid can damage your laptop’s keys or motherboard.

The best option is to put the laptop upsidedown to remove any liquid and clean the laptop with a dry cloth in order to absorb as much moisture as possible. Look online for a few DIY solutions, but the best way to inspect your system is to visit a laptop repair specialist.

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9. Issues of battery

Your laptop doesn’t charge at all or it charges slowly, due to old batteries or defective charging devices. One extremely common error message here is the “PLUGGED IN NOT CHARGING” issue, which may be due to an error in the windows or a failure of the batteries.

By looking in the bottom right corner and looking for a battery icon, you should know the status of the battery by hovering your mouse over the battery. Please check the power socket before concluding that your motherboard or battery as the cause of the issue. You must replace the battery for older laptops, however you should refer it to a repair professional.

10. Certain keys don’t work

Have you ever taped and certain letters aren’t working? This problem is not due to dust, but to a faulty keyboard. To inspect this, plug on a USB keyboard and ensure that the keyboard is defective and not the motherboard.

If the problem persists, a specialist must check the laptop.


With online guidance and tutorials, your capacity to repair your laptop problems can increase. There is plenty of information. Use it but visit a trustworthy laptop repair professional if you are not sure. Seeking assistance from the proper specialist can save you a lot of time and money.

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