Do You Know Why Your Laptop is Running Slow?

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Every laptop will lose its efficiency overtime. After a year or two, no laptop will be as fast as it was when it was newly purchased. One of key reasons is due to deteriorating hardware.  Customers bring their laptops because they are running slower than when they purchased them. They always want to know who or what they are to blame for. Sometimes the reason for your laptop running slow maybe YOU!

Laptop Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary to maintain high performance on your computer. Just like your car needs frequent oil and filter changes, so must your laptop. Clean the old applications, spyware updates and customizations to guarantee maximum efficiency. There could, of course, be other causes for the delay. The ideal way is to take your laptop to your local laptop repair centre. It’s like taking your car to a mechanic for a proper check up.

Malware and Viruses

Another reason your computer can be working slower than usual is because your laptop has a virus infection. Trojans, spyware and malware can be the main reason of your laptop’s poor performance. Spyware is a program when people sneak into your laptop without your knowledge and start transmitting personal data to businesses that use your system and slow down it.

Although you have the latest antivirus installed, you can still get infected, it can minimise the possibilities though. The scanning and eradication of viruses is a crucial system component This can be done by your local laptop repair shop. It  is advisable to tweak your laptop now. After this your laptop will increase its speed and efficiency.

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Delete Unused Files

You may also scan and eliminate more files and programmes that you don’t need from your computer. The more files and programmes you store on the hard disc of your computer, the slower it is. For large data, such as images, Word and Excel documents, I recommend a separate USB drive. Space is rapidly growing. Also, eliminate all superfluous shortcuts from the desktop to improve your laptop.


If you have tried all these options, it is vital to check the hard drive on your computer. Run Disk Defragmenter to make sure that nothing is truly broken on your disc, so you can optimise your data storage.

Overheating of the CPU:

CPU overheating is another typical concern. It’s an ordinary thing. First, make sure that the cooling system of your laptop, the fan, works. If you checked that the fan doesn’t work. First replace the fan of the laptop. I discovered this to happen to me when I lie in bed on my laptop and forget about the heat problem. Whenever your laptop is covered, the ventilation is blocked. The laptop heats up in this particular case.

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Issues with memory or hard drive:

Memory, hard disc space and conflicts between the hardware and software are all problems that can also slow down your laptop If your laptop needs to be repaired and all the things I listed earlier are checked,  th en I may suggest restarting your computer as quickly as possible. Basically, the laptop is cleaned and the operating system rebooted. Make sure your data is backed up before doing so. In addition, the programme you run on your computer needs to be installed. It’s essentially a last resort, but it makes your laptop fast as before.

Why does your laptop run slower than usual?

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