Every laptop has many complications after long term usage and same goes for Lenovo laptops. Whether the problem may be a faculty charging port to cracked screen to motherboard malfunction, we are always ready to provide our professional service to help with your laptop issues. At StarLabs we provide a 3-month warranty on all of our repairs including a free diagnosis to firstly identify the problem thoroughly before starting our work. Through our service we will help you fix your laptop problems.

LENOVO Laptop Singapore Repair by StarLabs

We repair all LENOVO laptops, and we do it faster, with no data loss and at a less costly price point than other repair centres.

LENOVO Singapore Repair Service

Screen Display Replacement for LENOVO Laptop

Most of our consumers obtain their LENOVO Laptop display replaced by StarLabs as they require their job laptops right away and can not wait the compulsory five days at the official LENOVO centre. Usually, after the warranty runs out after three years, the repair work cost at the official LENOVO SERVICE CENTRE is almost the cost of a new LENOVO laptop.
  • Our technicians will use the original LCD panel from LENOVO.
  • Time taken is 60-90minutes.
  • warranty is three months.

LENOVO Laptop Battery Replacement Details

This is the 2nd most well-known repair work after the damaged display repair service. LENOVO laptop batteries mainly have external batteries, which you can buy from us at a budget expense. Nevertheless, the newer collection of LENOVO laptop computers have internal batteries, which only official service centres can change. LENOVO battery replacement will require equipment that StarLabs can do in a short time. You can get in touch with a phone call to know the laptop model and design.
  • Time taken is 60minutes
  • warranty is three months

LENOVO Laptop motherboard fixings at StarLabs

LENOVO motherboard is massive and robust; nevertheless, standard ICs (incorporated circuits) are susceptible to failure. These consist of the LENOVO power ic and the wifi IC. These chips are used daily, so usually, after three years, they don't function efficiently and call for replacement. We have level 4 motherboard technicians to fix your LENOVO laptop motherboard. They can diagnose and estimate the cost directly from the website or phone call.
  • Time taken is 1-3 days
  • warranty is two months

LENOVO laptop hinge fixing details.

The corners of the LENOVO laptop are most prone to breaking or snapping when you drop your LENOVO tool or close the laptop with something resting on your keyboard. The hinge either breaks entirely or cracks, and you can not close your laptop. This fixing will call for our service technicians to completely strip your laptop's external panels and deal with the hinge to add a new joint for your LENOVO hinge repair work. lenovo gaming laptop
  • Time taken is 40-60minutes
  • warranty is three months

LENOVO laptop fan replacement at StarLabs

The interior fans of an LENOVO laptop impact the air needed to cool down the device's internal motherboard. When this fan accumulates dirt or spoils, you will require an LENOVO laptop fan replacement for your laptop, or your motherboard will certainly get too hot and stop working. This is not pricey repair work, and we can additionally do a fan clean up if this fixes the problem.
  • Time taken is 40-60minutes
  • warranty is three months

LENOVO keyboard replacement at StarLabs

You need to get the entire keyboard replaced if you have keys that have fallen off or stop responding. This usually happens after years of dust and grime, which falls below your keyboard. At StarLabs, we make a free diagnosis for your keyboard and within a short time for your convenience. Do allow us to know your LENOVO laptop keyboard model as numerous collections have similar designs with American or UK keyboards.
  • Time taken is 40-60minutes
  • warranty is three months
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