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Popular MacBook Repair Services in Singapore by StarLabs

With a large market share, Apple MacBook still remains the leading laptop alternative among laptop users. The platform has revolutionised how computing is done, with its user-friendly software interface and advanced capabilities. With this in mind, every year, a number of MacBook repairs are needed by users. Apple MacBook problems arise for a wide range of reasons, one of which is the hardware, and other problems including system compatibility issues and operating system problems.

Every year, there is a new MacBook version released, and each time it comes out, different problems crop up for the users. Some issues can be easily resolved, some require advanced knowledge, and some need extensive investigations by professionals. To ensure that you resolve the issues efficiently, we have come up with a series of useful tips and instructions to get you through any MacBook issue. Let us begin with a look at some typical MacBook issues and how to resolve them.

Common MacBook Issues

MacBook Cracked Screen

One of the most common issues people face with the MacBook is cracked screen. Cracked MacBook screen can also cause your system to freeze or crash, rendering it useless for work or entertainment. To fix this problem, you can use our expert screen replacement services at an affordable cost compared to Official Apple Centre.

MacBook Fan and Motherboard Issues

If your MacBook overheats, you will experience many common problems such as a system crash, blue screens, or even power loss. One of the most common reasons for overheating issues in the MacBook is related to thermal conductivity of the fan or motherboard malfunctioning. Overheating can lead to serious damage to the aluminium casing, which causes the computer to shut down unexpectedly, or even just stop working altogether. The good news is that you can easily remedy the issue through our MacBook fan and motherboard repair service.

MacBook Battery Issues

There is no doubt that MacBook batteries will lose their efficiency overtime. Batteries are very delicate and can be affected by issues related to Fan, charging port, motherboard and overcharging. A battery replacement for your MacBook is recommended after 2 years of usage. Yes, the MacBook batteries are perfect and are power beasts but it is a know fact that batteries deteriorate over every usage. Look for signs such as sudden shutdown, battery swelling, quick power consumption, less backup time to know if you need a battery replacement.

MacBook Charging Port Issues

These issue is common for users who use their MacBook for long periods of time while charging. Another is the use of unauthentic power adapters for the MacBook. A hard fall to the floor can lead to various damages including your charging port. A charging port replacement is usually needed to get your MacBook to full charging conditions. After a successful replacement of your MacBook charging port, it is our advice to use only authentic power adapters from Apple and not to overcharge your MacBook. There are many issues including RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues, Hard disk problems, USB port issues, BIOS and OS incompatibility issues etc and we do provide services for all these problems. Another issue with the MacBook is related to the RAM of the system. Over time, the RAM will become aged and ineffective, causing random hang-ups, slow performance, and even potential data loss. The first step to solving this issue is to insert an older, more effective RAM into the MacBook, which should be easily done by pulling out the upgrade module. Following this, it's important to launch the Disk Utility and format the disk as normal. After this, you should restart the system to put the new RAM into effect.

If the above two common problems are not resolved, the last option available is to repair the ram chips found on the motherboard of the MacBook through NVRAM. To do this, it is recommended that you open up the System Configuration Utility, which is located within the Recovery folder of your system's disk. Once you launch the utility, you will see a window asking you to update the system with the latest system files. Clicking "Updating" will start the process, which may require some time, as the process may require validating the integrity of the hard drive, which can take up to 20 minutes.
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