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The Surface Pro is one of Microsoft's Surface Tablet series. It offers a perfect balance between tablet and laptop, with the Surface Pen stylus built in to the side. The Surface Pro has been praised for its battery life, portability and versatility which makes it ideal for professionals on-the-go or college students who need to take their work with them.

It also features a larger 12.3 inch screen size that allows you to see more than ever before while still being portable enough to fit inside your bag!

The Surface Pro 7 is the latest Surface Pro from Microsoft and offers a refreshed design with improved battery life to power all day work or play! The Surface Pen stylus also has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity which helps you get creative without sacrificing quality! Surface Pro requires an additional purchase of a Surface Type Cover to act as the keyboard with this model.

The Surface Pro has an Intel Core i5 stuffed with 8gb of RAM. It runs on the Window l0 Operating System and has an internal storage of 256GB. The front camera is a 5MP while the rear camera is a 8MP. The Surface Pro doesn't have flash features.

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's popular laptop that also has tablet features which gives you the best of both worlds; it does not come with a Surface Pen stylus but offers up to 6 hours battery life and comes in four different colors including platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold!

One issue that people have noticed about Surface Pro is its battery life. This device's battery life only lasts up to six hours before needing a recharge and can take more than two hours for full charge time when used continuously. Another complaint users have had are frequent shut downs or crashes while using apps such as Word or Outlook, though these issues seem less prevalent in recent models like the Surface Pro 7.

The laptop is a relatively new invention, and because of this laptop repair has become a very important industry. It's true that laptop screens are getting cheaper to replace, but the laptop itself will always be more expensive than any part you might need to replace.

That's why it's important to find the best laptop repair service for your needs! StarLabs provides quality laptop repair services with customer satisfaction. We offer professional technicians who use only high-quality parts in order to provide our clients with the best possible experience they could hope for when needing a laptop repaired or updated!

Surface Pro screen replacement services

We offer laptop screen replacement service at an affordable cost with one year warranty. Our technicians will replace your Surface Pro screen with the best quality parts that will restore your display to perfection. Keep your laptop protected with a laptop screen replacement at an affordable cost.

Surface Pro motherboard repair

If you are looking for quality Surface Pro motherboard repair services, we at StarLabs can provide quality service with affordable rates. We will repair your Surface Pro motherboard with the best quality parts to keep your Surface Pro model working efficiently. Contact us now on our website or give us a call and get quality service today.

Surface Pro battery replacement

Need quality Surface Pro battery replacement services? We offer quality service for affordable rates. Contact us at StarLabs and we will replace your Surface Pro battery with quality parts to keep it in the best condition possible. Our technicians are experts when it comes to quality Surface Pro repair, motherboard repair, or any other type of professional repairs that your Surface Pro may need.

Surface Pro Speaker Repair

The Surface Pro speaker may get damaged due to various reasons. When the quality of sound output is compromised because of a damaged speaker, it may be time to look for a repair service. StarLabs offers affordable and quality solution for speakers repairs.

Surface Pro power button replacement

The quality of Surface Pro is dependent on the quality of its parts. The power button may be damaged for various reasons and it needs to be replaced with a new one in order to keep the system running smoothly. StarLabs offers quality service that will get you back up and working again quickly!

Surface Pro charging port replacement

If you are having issues with your Surface Pro charging port, bring it to StarLabs. We provide quality Surface Pro repair services. We offer quality service at a reasonable price. Replacing a charging port is a medium level work and takes around a day. Have confidence that our technicians are professionally trained and will have your device back up and running again quickly.

Surface Pro keyboard replacement

StarLabs offers quality Surface Pro repair services with a team of professional and experienced technicians. They always provide quality service for all types of devices, which includes keyboard replacement or if you have any other type of issue that is going on with your device. Keyboard replacement at StarLabs is quick and comes with one year warranty. Quality repair services are just a phone call away.
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