Why Buy Brand New iPhone 12 Pro From Us?

Our prices are definitely cheaper than the Official Store by nearly 20-30%. Trust me that’s a few hundred dollar for an iPhone 12 Pro whereby some models go for up to $2000+.

iPhone Pro Max models usually come with 3 distinct sizes in memory and 4 different colours like white, gold, blue & black. We will usually have popular colours like Gold or Black 12 Pro Max. This is because we have found these colours more sellable and therefore will ask our customers to obtain them.

How do we do it?

Our loyal customers who often go to recontract their phones each year at Singtel, Starhub or M1 telcos choose to sell their handsets for cash and reuse their previous phones. This allows them to earn some cash for their daily needs after selling their 12 Pro Max.

Are our iPhones 12 Pro Max Authentic & Genuine with Warranty?

Our iPhones are 100% authentic and are from local telcos such as Singtel, Starhub & M1 retailers. They are mostly recontracted from these companies are 100% legit and reliable with 1 year local warranty at the Official Apple iPhone 12 Pro Store.

Some of the iPhones 12 Pro Max may have been activated when collected at their telcos but this is NOT to be of worry as this is their normal procedure. Due to the security nature, Apple iPhones 12 Pro Max automatically activate their warranty when connected to internet or wifi.

The Process of Buying an iPhone 12 Pro from Us

Give us a call to book your iPhone 12 Pro at 9011 1239. We will get back to you about your required memory size and colour. If it is available you can drop by to collect or request for delivery whereby you pay by NETS or Cash.

If you are not so urgent, please do let us know the model and size of memory that you desire for your iPhone. Currently iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Series are available NEW. Older models are no longer sold at telcos.

If you are not so picky about colour, it will be easy to obtain your NEW iPhone 12 Pro within 1 week or less.

If you have a LOWER Budget you can try second hand iPhone 12 Pro

We suggest you see this page for second hand iphones on sale. Many of these second hand phones within 1 year are in perfect condition and can be 40-60% lower than Brand New Prices. They will still retain their local warranty of a few months and if you need we can still get you the box and new accessories if you are thinking of gifting a iphone to your friend or family.

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