Where to Repair iPhone X in Singapore?

Apple iPhone X Repair Singapore at StarLabs

The Apple iPhone X is a 4-year-old phone, and there are some models like the iPhone XS or Apple iPhone XR, which are its cousins, and we also do the fixings for them. Please look at the overview of the various phones we repair. If you have a warranty for your iPhone repair service, please check out the Official Apple iPhone Repair web page for warranty insurance coverage.

iPhone Screen Repair Singapore for iPhone X

Complete set LCD replacement here is done within 30 mins, and we will replace the entire broken LCD of the iPhone X. This is a rapid replacement which features three months warranty. We do it quickly in front of you and also with no loss to data. Our costs are a lot more economical, with quick work, and a warranty is offered. The Apple iPhone X OLED display is high grade with authentic OLED and the same feedback time and resolution as your original screen. • time taken is 30-40minutes • warranty is three months

Glass replacement for Apple iPhone X Singapore

Much of us end up with a cracked screen after dropping it, triggering a malfunctioning display. It hinders your iPhone usage. Glass replacement is a less expensive choice than a complete OLED replacement at the Apple centre. We will certainly examine that your Apple iPhone can wage this glass replacement since a fully fractured digitizer can't be fixed only with glass replacement. • time taken is 40minutes • warranty is three months • Glass is AAA quality gorilla glass

iPhone X Battery Replacement Details

how to show battery percentage on iphone x? This is the second most prominent fixing after crack screen repair work. All Apple iPhone have a 2-3 years battery lifespan depending upon the charge cycle. We advise changing your apple iPhone X battery after two years as this will undoubtedly influence your phone effectiveness and provides you with longer use times. • time taken is 20minutes • warranty is three months

Repair your Apple iPhone X Motherboard

StarLabs technicians are the specialists in motherboard or iPhone X logicboard repair work. We can do standard power ic, u2, u3 power chip replacement conveniently. Other usual motherboard chip failings include the wifi and audio ic. These are typically triggered by getting too hot, overcharging or just old ageing components. Finally, the network ic or baseband ic is the most influenced logicboard part on the iPhone X. These are much more major and will probably take about 1-3 days to complete. Water damage also causes motherboard damages in an Apple iPhone X. Moisture can seep in from the earpiece hole or the charging port or sides of the display. Do bring your apple iPhone X for water damage repair maintenance right here at StarLabs. • time taken is 1-3 days • warranty is three months

Apple iPhone X Charging Port Repair.

Sick of frequently turning your charging wire left and right to permit a charge? This is a common issue for the old Apple iPhone, which have been utilized for a couple of years. We will certainly change the whole charging flex to allow 100% efficiency back to the initial condition. Other individuals may do only a port tidy up or port modification; however, we at StarLabs will surely change the initial charging flex. • time taken is 30-40minutes • warranty is three months

Apple iPhone X back panel replacement

Ever before dropped your phone, and the front glass is not damaged, but the back is shattered? You may have believed that this is a less costly repair service at Apple main service centre. Nonetheless, you are incorrect as this will call for the entire phone panel to be changed, and it is comparable to buying a new phone. Here at StarLabs, we can do the replacement much faster and without such a high price. The Xs Max back panel is changed within 60-90 minutes. • time taken is 60-90minutes • warranty is three months

Apple iPhone X Camera

Camera stabilization not working on your iPhone X? The front or back camera not opening? We at StarLabs will do a quick diagnosis and fix your camera to a working state. Indeed, this does not call for way too much time. Costs are likewise budget-friendly. The Apple iPhone X camera has high megapixels, and any fuzzy or uncertain photos may cause the problem. • time taken is 30-40minutes • warranty is three months

Apple iPhone X Power button replacement

One of the most used button for all iPhone is the power button. We will replace your power button for a reduced rate and certainly be good as brand-new. Damages of the Apple iPhone X power button can be brought on by long wear and drop or tear and knocks on the side of the button. We will alter the entire power flex for your iPhone X and make all power relevant parts brand-new. • time taken is 30-40minutes • warranty is three months  
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