Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus repairs? We do the best. Warranty? Yes, we provide a 90-day warranty. We do a wide range of repairs for all iPhones including the iPhone 8.

Brief Outline on Galaxy S10 Plus Repairs at Star Labs

The Galaxy S10 Plus is from the Galaxy series of phones from Samsung. There is the S Series and the Note Series. The Note series comes with the S Pen and both S Series and Note Series are curved screens with AMOLED. You can refer to the Samsung S20 prices and note 10 repair prices here.

You can check the official page for Samsung Repair locations.

Lcd replacement for Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 Plus uses a AMOLED for the screen made by Samsung or LG. This screen is easily prone to drops and breaks in the liquid crystals inside will display as black spots or a green flicking screen. The gorilla glass outside will only be able to withstand drops of up to 1m on medium hardness ground. This means if you drop on concrete road it will most likely not be able to withstand the impact on the LCD screen. Galaxy S10 Plus lcd is a relatively expensive repair as it consists of half the Samsung phone.

There is another common issue that all Samsung phones with AMOLED face. This is the red tint burn in of the AMOLED when it is more than 2 years old. This also requires full LCD replacement if you can see pages in the background. The LCD will have a reddish or pink background which can be obvious or faint.

– Our LCD repairs come with the frame so the sides will look NEW!

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Glass replacement for Galaxy S10 Plus

If you drop the Galaxy S10 Plus phone and the LCD is intact that means you can proceed with glass only replacement for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen. Glass replacement for Galaxy S10 Plus is an affordable way to repair your phone as it is nearly half the price of a full set LCD replacement. At Star Labs we are the experts at this as we have been doing glass replacement since 2012. This is a slightly longer process and needs high pressure machinery. We still provide 2-3 months warranty for this repair as we are confident in the glass replacement process that we provide for your Galaxy S10 Plus.

– Frame is also made NEW for you. It will look like a brand new Galaxy S10 Plus.

– Time taken is 60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

– Glass is AAA grade gorilla glass

Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement Details

This is the second most popular repair after crack glass repairs. The battery is Original and this battery should be changed every 2 years of usage. Galaxy S10 Plus battery replacement is a low difficulty repair and we do about 15 sets daily. No data loss is expected and time taken can be minimal. Just come down to book a Galaxy S10 Plus battery repair with us today at Star Labs.

– Time taken is 20minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Repair your Galaxy S10 Plus Motherboard

Star Labs technicians are the experts as Samsung motherboard repairs. eMMC failure is common as this chip is the brain of the entire motherboard. Symptoms will appear as phone auto restarting and overheating when using wifi. Sometimes even the network is unable to connect and intermittently turn on and off. All these motherboard issue are not a cause of concern as Star Labs experts can fix it.

Samsung phones which are “supposedly” water resistant sometimes do have accidents whereby water bypasses the waterproof seal either due to repeated drops or old age of sealant. When this happens the entire phone needs to be removed of moisture. You can do a rice bath first if you don’t have time to come down.

– Time taken is 1-3 days

– Warranty is 3 months

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Port Repair

Tired of constantly tilting your Galaxy S10 Plus charging cable left and right to allow a charge? This is a common issue for old Samsung phones which have been used for a couple of years. We will change the entire charging flex or sub board to allow 100% efficiency back to the original condition. Other people might do only a port clean up or solo port change but we at Star Labs have decided that the entire original charging flex be replaced.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Galaxy S10 Plus Back glass replacement

The Galaxy S10 Plus back glass piece is a fragile cover. This is made of glass and can easily be broken but drops on the road. This repair is a simple fix and will be far less costly than the Samsung Official Service Centre. We can do it faster and quicker than the official repairs. There are various colours to choose from please do take note and make a call to confirm colour before coming down for your Galaxy S10 Plus back glass repairs.

– Time taken is 20-30minutes

– There is no warranty for accidental breakage

Change Galaxy S10 Plus Camera

Auto stabilization for the Galaxy S10 Plus camera not working? Dropped and found out that the front or back camera cannot be opened. We will do a quick change to allow you to use your device again. This procedure is a rather fast one and will not require too much time. Prices are also affordable and will not cost an arm or leg. The Galaxy S10 Plus camera has high mega pixels and any unclear or blurry photos might be a cause for concern.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Galaxy S10 Plus Power button replacement

The most used button for all Samsung phones is the power button. We will replace your power button for a low price and it will be good as new. Damage of the Galaxy S10 Plus power button can be cause by long wear and tear or drop and knocks on the side of the button. We will change the entire power flex for your Galaxy S10 Plus and this will make all power related components brand new.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


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